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SpreadingWings covers all expects of film making by extending its services from aerial to ground in collaboration with BIGCOLLECTIVEFILMS :-

Big Collective Films is a collaborative content production team lead by two Melbourne-based production companies: Lugu Films and Spreading Wings Films. We work with a team of trusted freelancers, ensuring we bring the right talent to each project.

Lugu Films is a Film, Animation and
Digital Content Production service for the
Communications Industry, focused on
producing actionable video content with
emotional gravity.

Spreading Wings Films is a Film production
company, specialising in Unmanned Aerial Cinematography, Documentaries, Music Videos, Fashion and TVCs. 



Capture the aerial perspective of your  real estate, construction sites, agricultural land, tourism site, etc. and give your marketing material the uniqueness it deserves.


Our Remote Pilot Aircraft systems can be in the air in 15 minutes taking stunning aerial shots.


We have a live video down-link so the Pilot or camera operator can control the camera and line up each shot to perfection. We can fly up to 400ft "above ground level"  and locations which are 3 Nautical miles away from airports very quickly enabling us to capture every angle in a short amount of time.


Sweeping vistas, refreshing perspectives and breathtaking panoramas, HD aerial video and photography is the only way to fully showcase your exceptional event, tourism destination or outstanding piece of property.


Aerial photography can be used in online marketing, websites, print ads and promotions, or shared via social media. It can also be used as a stunning piece of art to be displayed on a feature wall.


We also offer traditional ground based filming basic services as many clients occasionally require standard film to integrate with the aerial footage particularly in the same location. We either run n gun or assist client with handheld 3 axis brush less gimbals to capture the shot.


Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to access high quality and affordable aerial photography. Contact us today for a quote.

Aerial Imagery Services price starts from AUD $250 onwards


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